Where WINE comes to life and becomes an experience.

A new Essenza space dedicated to the fascinating world of wine and conviviality, a project we have worked on for a long time and which we are pleased to present to you.

As great enthusiasts we have always thought that wine, in all its nuances, should have its own place where it can be experienced in a more immersive way, being able to compare and have fun at a single convivial table. Design and comfort, attention to detail, research into materials, a personalized musical selection, come together to allow you to spend a lunch, dinner or a special event, accompanying you the entire time.

Over the years, our cellar has grown hand in hand with the kitchen, maintaining the spirit that flows through Essenza’s veins, and now has its own dedicated space. The result of continuous research, today it has around 800 labels, ranging from small territorial realities, established names and unknown ones, crossing Italy, France, Germany and Spain.

For info and reservations contact 0773369762 or write to us at our email address

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