Let’s start an open table, free and without traditional schemes: no appetizers, first and second courses. Our menu consists of fish, meats, pasta within a menu that abolishes the categories of order, preferring another type of story. Families of dishes can populate the table in free order to encourage tasting, conviviality and the construction of a personal gastronomic experience. The proposals alternate frequently, to enhance the season anf the raw material. We divide to male you free to choose.


Wafer, Raw from the Sea and Vichyssoise€ 30
Avocado, Pickled Zucchini, Gazpacho and Prawns€ 30
Panzanella, Molluscs, Burrata, Pepper Sorbet € 30
Terrine of Eel and Foie-Gras, Plums€ 30
Squid spaghetti, Aji Amarillo€ 30


Burnt Beef
€ 32
Duck…(minimum 2 person)
Foie Gras Sauce, Cherries
€ 35 pax
Lamb and salted shallots € 32
Whole Pigeon€ 32
Japanese Wagyu
Can be added to the tasting menu with a surcharge of € 20 per person
€ 60

Le Paste

Pea Raviolo, Eel Broth, Lemon Bread, Mint Oil € 24
Broken candles, Mantis shrimp, Almond, Coppiette powder€ 26
Yellow Rice, Nigella, Black Cuttlefish € 26
Pork Raviolo, Plum Broth, Grapefruit and soy € 24
Caviar & Oyster Spaghetti
Can be added to the tasting menu with a surcharge of € 10 per person
€ 40

I Dessert

Peach, Violet and Almond € 15
Pineapple, Passion Fruit and Coconut € 15
Buffalo Milk, Rhubarb, Raspberry and Pink Pepper€ 15
Cheese Selection€ 15

La Caffetteria

Lavazza Kafa
100% arabica, Etiopia aromi floreali, retrogusto di miele e datteri
€ 4
Lavazza Tierra
Misto robusta / arabica, Brasile, aroma di caramello, cacao amaro, retrogusto liquoroso
€ 3

Tasting Menu

Three savoury courses of Chef’s choice to experience our cuisine
€ 55
Our evolving cuisine: 5 courses of Chef’s choice frome the appetizer to the dessert
€ 80
Our whole essenza in 8 courses
€ 100

Abbinamento al calice consigliato

3 Calici€ 35
4 Calici€ 40
5 Calici€ 45

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