Let’s start an open table, free and without traditional schemes: no appetizers, first and second courses. Our menu consists of fish, meats, pasta within a menu that abolishes the categories of order, preferring another type of story. Families of dishes can populate the table in free order to encourage tasting, conviviality and the construction of a personal gastronomic experience. The proposals alternate frequently, to enhance the season anf the raw material. We divide to male you free to choose.


Catch of the day, Asparagus, Pil-Pil € 30
Crab, Summer Soup, Coconut, Curry€ 30
Cuttlefish Raviolo, Courgettes with Mint, Bagna Càuda Sauce€ 30
Terrine of Eel and Foie-Gras, Plums€ 30


Duck, Foie-Gras, Dark Leek (min for 2 people)€ 35 pax
Lamb, Soaked Onions and Cherries€ 32
The Pigeon…In many ways€ 35
Japanese Wagyu
It can be included in the tasting menu with a surcharge of € 20
€ 60
Wx, Australian Wagyu
It can be included in the tasting menu with a surcharge of € 25
€ 75

Le Paste

Creamed Cod Plin, Crusco Pepper Powder € 26
Risotto, Glazed Sweetbread, Goat Cheese, Vermouth, Karkadè€ 28
Lean Beef “Anolino”, Castelmagno Fondue € 26
Caviar & Oyster Spaghetti
It can be included in the tasting menu with a surcharge of € 15
€ 50

I Dessert

Dill, Kiwi, Tarragon € 15
Rhubarb, Pink pepper, Almond € 15
Milk, Honey & Pollen € 15
Roasting … Chocolate, Hazelnut, Coffee € 15
Cheese Selection€ 15

La Caffetteria

Jamaica Blue Mountain Wallenford 
100 % Speciality Arabica
It is the best known of the coffees in the world.
In the Blue Mountain there are climatic conditions that help the coffee production to have very floral flavors,
chocolate and a very pleasant creaminess.
€ 10
Panama Geisha
Ultra Specialty Arabica
In the high mountains of Boquete, Panama, the coffee called Geisha grows;
floral scent, rose, bergamot aroma, ripe peach on the palate but sweet and delicious at the same time.
€ 15
Wild Kopi Luwak
Great Reserve
When we talk about Kopi Luwak, we often refer to the rarest coffee in the world.
Its name derives from the Indonesian Civet or Wild Cat.
This type of local animal manages to inspect the ripest berries on the tree:
the process takes place in the stomach thanks to a natural enzyme and
manages to eliminate the bitterness of the coffee.
This creates a full-bodied and creamy coffee but low in acidity with flavors of chocolate, cedar and sweet and sour.
€ 15
Brasile, Yellow Bourbon Daterra
This 100% Specialty Arabica Bourbon variety exhibits notes of wild berries, black currant, caramel and hazelnut.
€ 4
Lavazza – Kafa Forrest Coffee   
100% Arabica Ethiopia
From the heart of the Ethiopian forest, the coffee plant grows spontaneously with minimal intervention from the locals.
Intense aroma with notes of jasmine, aftertaste of honey and dates and subtle flavor of ripe cherries
€ 4
Guatemala Decaffeinated
This variety of coffee that grows at altitudes up to 1650 meters in Guatemala Acatenango releases sweet and
very well balanced aromas with notes of orange, grapes and milk chocolate.
Caffeine is removed with the Swiss Water Process method which guarantees 100% the use of water only, without chemicals.
€ 4

Tasting Menu

Three savoury courses of Chef’s choice to experience our cuisine
€ 60
Our evolving cuisine: 5 courses of Chef’s choice frome the appetizer to the dessert
€ 85
Our whole essenza in 8 courses
€ 110

Wine Pairing

3 Wine Glasses€ 40
5 Wine Glasses€ 50
I Grandi Calici€ 100

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